1. Using the CRO-HOOK chain desired length using Color A. Work from right to left.


2. Insert hook in second chain St from hook. YO pull up

new stitch. hold on hook. Continue across row holding

all Sts on hook. You should have 1 less new St than in

starting ch. (See Illus.)


3. Slide all work to other side of needle and turn. Tie in

Color B. Ioosely. ** YO puil through 1 St. * YO pull

through 2 Sts. Work off all Sts. same as from * by YO

pull through 2 Sts across row. (See Illus.)


4. Work from Color B, right to left insert hook in last

St just made, YO pull up new St. hold on hook. work

across row. holding all Sts on hook. Slide work to oppo-

site end of needle and turn. (See Illus.)


5. Pick up Color A repeat as in row, 3, from **.


NOTE: You are always working with two skeins of yarn.

You do 2 rows with one skein. then slide work to other

end of needle turn and do 2 rows with second skein.

You never need to cut your yarn. You do 2 rows with

your first skein. starting and ending on the same side.

you then work 2 rows with your second skein starting

and ending on the opposite side. Pick-up rows are

worked from rightto left. The row you work your Sts off

is worked /ett to right.


Be sure to pick up loops (as in rows 2 and 4). between

the bar instead of the cross bar as in afghan stitch. (Go

under the Horizontai Bar.)


This is a stretchy type of knitting. In making any gar-

ments. allow for some stretch (2 to 3 inches) which may

mean you might choose a smaller measurement to

allow for the stretch. In any case work a swatch and

check your gauge.


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