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Current Status.... the usual mischief, madness, and mayhem... :)

No swearing or abuse permitted.

No links to be posted..

Remember MWS is a game..

Post in english otherwise it will be removed


Just for Fun - Fan Clubs
post attacks on our rivals

Rules: No Hitlisting... NO whining...NO drama...You were attacked because you logged onto MW....You were hit 20 times because I could not kill you in 19...You were killed because I can kill you...I took 100,000 Baht because you didnt bank it.....It's not personal...its a game...If you want to play nice, try Farmville.

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Geoff Cochran
Sharilyn Carr
Kim Denham
Reinhard Krupp (SUNY Potsdam)
Warren Carr (creator)


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