i don't truly know the correct name for this procedure, but i understand

that it goes back many hundreds of years, or however long ago is was

that the flat iron was invented. women would take the nubs of their

candles, and put them on a board. the wealthy women got to use blocks

of parafim. they would heat their irons by the fire, then rub the hot

iron over the wax, and then press out their threadwork, or their

husbands shirt cuffs and collars, or anything that you wanted to keep

stiffer and dirt free. the wax actually acts like a light starch, and

naturally repels dirt (though not forever, of course). i was taught

this by an older woman when i was younger, and it works beautifully.

since i always have candles around the house (and they must be white

candles, not colored), and never have parafim, have just always called

this practice candling. give it a try, though i must admit that what's

good for the threadwork isn't so great for the modern iron! - mrs. claws

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