USS Callaghan DDG 9941986 San Diego

 COmmander James Rennie

Commander James Rennie comes from Wilmington, Delaware. Graduated from John Dickinson High School. He attended college at the U.S.Naval Academy and he majored in Physics. He Graduated in 1978.

Commander Rennie served at sea in USS MCCANDLESS (FF 1084) As Navigator and Main Propulsion Assistant. USS KIDD (DDG 993) as Combat Information Center Officer; USS Hawes ( FFG 53 ) as Operations Officer and USS SHREVEPORT ( LPD 12 ) as Operations Officer and Engineer Officer. He Commanded USS EXCEL ( MSO 439 ); served as Chief Staff Officer in Patrol Hydrofoil Missile Squadron TWO and as Flag Secretary for Commander U.S. Seventh Fleet.

Ashore, Commander Rennie served on the U.S.Navy Rifle team at the U.S. International tryouts, as Navigator Instructor at the U.S. Naval Academy, and as Space, Information Warfare and Command and Control Training Officer on OPNAV STAFF. He holds a Master of Arts degree in National Security and Strategic Studies from the U.S. Naval War College.

Commander Rennie is authorized to wear the Meritorious Service Medal ( with two Gold stars), Navy Commendation Medal (with gold star ), Navy Achievement Medal (with gold star), Battle Efficiency Ribbon, Sea Service Deployment Ribbon (with four bronze stars), Expert Rifle and Expert Pistol Medal.

Commander Rennie is Married to the former Kim Bowie of Lewiston Main. The Rennie's have three daughters; Kristen, Susan, and Sara.

Commander James Rennie, the ninth commanding Officer of the USS Callaghan DDG 994 until the Decommissioning as the ship March 31st 1998 in Everret Washington. I was sent an Official invitation to attend as I'm sure all the survivors of the former USS Callaghan DD 792.

I alone attended the Decommissioning, I was the only survivor of the DD 792 there. I was given the VIP treatment and everyone was most gracious. Commander Rennie and his Family assisted me in every way including becoming friends. The Decommissioning came without a hitch. Everything went according to plan. Just as the history of Both Callaghans, Mission accomplished.

Out of the nine Commanding Officers of the DDG 994, four were in attendance. Commander Rennie, Retired Admiral John T.Hood, Admiral Rodney P. Rempt and Admiral William G Sutton. I had the privilege of meeting Admiral William Sutton when he was the Commander of the Callaghan in San Diego. Our Survivors Association was having a reunion in San Diego. Commander Sutton Attended our Reunion Dinner. Commander Sutton Opened the Callaghan up for complete inspection by the survivors of the DD 792 and their wives. The Five remaining former Commanders on the Callaghan were out of the country and on assignment.

The USS Callaghan DDG 994, was one of four Destroyers being built for the Shah Pahlexi Of Iran. The four Kidd class destroyers were near complete when there was a government take over and the Shah was dethrone by the Ayatollah Khomeine of Iran. This left the United States with four Brand New Destroyers. One was named "The Callaghan" It had the latest in electronic equipment. Our Survivors Association was given Official Invitations to attend the Commissioning of the USS Callaghan 994 on August 29 1981. Many of our crew was able to attend, I unfortunately could not.

During the 16 and half years in service, The DDG 994 Made two complete around the World trips. Making port of calls everywhere. She completed every assignment with professionalism and dedication.

In 1983 The USS Callaghan DDG 994 pause from its operating schedule to pay tribute to the officers and men of the crew of the USS Callaghan DD 792 and of the ship itself. It was on the Latitude and longitude given where the DD 792 went down. The ceremony included a 21 gun salute. A video tape was made of the ceremony and available to the surviving crew of the DD 792.

In late September and early October 1983, the DDG 994 was on scene for the search and rescue operation for the Korean Air Line Fight 007. The Callaghan stood nose to nose with the Russian warships seeking the little black box from the crashed airliner. The airliner was downed by an attack from a Russian Fighter.

The Callaghan DDG 994 September 27th 1997, detected a high speed contact off Columbia waters. When the Sun rose the contact was visual and identified as a high speed cigarette boat. Callaghan pursed the contact for over three hours while the craft dumped its load of illegal drugs.. Once completed the craft was able to accelerate and out ran the Callaghan. It was pursued by one of our high speed crafts until the cigarette boat reach Columbia territorial waters. The Callaghan returned and picked up 3.5 metric tons of cocaine. The bales tested to be pure cocaine and had a street value at over $1 billion.

Above is Albert E Baab, former Crewmnn of the USS Prichett DD 561. The USS Prichett was firing at the same kamikazi that sank the USS Callaghan DD 792. The Prichett also saved a lot of the Callaghan's crew from the sea. The other person in the picture is me, Bill Benton.

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